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Vines is an XMPP chat server that connects you with large clusters of machines as easily as chatting with a friend. It's a new, simpler way to manage your servers in the cloud or the data center.


Command line++

We all love the command line, but it's limited to one machine at a time. With Vines, we can chat with hundreds of servers at the same time, using the shell commands we already know. Need to patch a bunch of development servers? Run yum update once and we're done!

With great power, comes great responsibility

Tired of updating sudoers files across all of your servers? Consolidate privileges in Vines and give people access to just the accounts they need. Developers get access to the apache and mysql accounts on development machines. Operations gets full access to production. Not everyone needs the responsibility of root.

Plays well with others

Because Vines is based on industry-standard XMPP technology, it works seamlessly with your favorite chat clients like iChat, Adium, and Pidgin. And it's easy to connect custom bots to automate chat sessions with hundreds of machines.

We ❤ open source

Vines is open source software, available on GitHub, released under the terms of the MIT license. If you have an improvement to the code you'd like to share, send us a pull request with the change and unit tests!